Mid school update

Hey everyone!


At the moment I am currently reading a book named “Dragon Keeper” it is a really fun and exciting book. It is about a girl who is a slave and suddenly the emperor came and the girl was in a lot of trouble because she was trying to set the dragon free! That is all I am going to spoil. If you like dragons or ancient China this is a great book for you!



School holiday update!

Hello all,

just wanted to do a quick update on my reading during the holidays.


I have finished reading “Tom Gates”


at ther start Toms parents think that he is always watching tv and wants him to get out a bit more so they make a kite and it doesn’t really fly them Marcus comes and asks him if the kite flies it didn’t fly up until that point and of corse when they try it flies! Later on at school there are school inspectors and one of the school inspectors catches Tom making fun of him. Later on they audition for a band competition but sadly they do not get through


I have not had as much time as I comprehended beacause of family and friends. So I was only able to finish one book I will start my second  when school starts again.

Regards Matt.

Welcome to my intro

Hello, my name is Matt i am curruntly a student of Padua college, in year Severn and I am 12 years old.

I may not be the best or fastest reader but I do enjoy reading a good book every now and then. I am personally a sporty kid but a good book gets me in a good mood. I haven’t been much of a reader through my life and it’s not my pass time but it’s healthy and fun for a couple books a term.

Even though I enjoy sport my favourite genres are something that has to do with kids my age, such as Tom gates or something like that.

i am currently reading “Tom gates” I have read some of the books and I really enjoy them.